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Adding See Also, Further Reading. New image added. Formatting corrected. Publishing.
2018-10-17 02:56:45
Publishing. Two more milestones added. Minor corrections.
2018-10-12 15:21:50
Upload Media
2018-10-12 12:37:41
Initial Draft
2018-10-12 12:16:45
Images added but more milestones needed.
2018-10-11 10:30:58
Adding content. Images to add.
2018-10-11 10:27:23
Grammar correction.
2018-10-09 08:06:36
Added milestones. Updated See Also. Added 12-factor app.
2018-10-08 11:46:16
Adding content with images. Milestones still pending.
2018-10-08 09:33:36
More details added to one answer. Completed milestones and further reading sections.
2018-10-05 11:44:53
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Content on this article seems to be copied from other sources. Content must be summarized, not copied, due to copyright regulations. Please update.
2018-10-17 03:04:17
General points for future reference: 1. Citations should be against answers, not questions. 2. Citation for milestone should be against the text, not the date. 3. References should be formatted correctly. Use "Updated" or "Accessed" fields. Mention na ...
2018-10-17 03:00:25
For performance comparison, could add a figure showing results of benchmark tests.
2018-08-26 11:22:24
Comments from reddit user: xaml. Sample-code xml should be xaml. I also might criticize xaml and mvvm - it's complicated and verbose. But once you get it working right, it starts feeling pretty good. INotifyPropertyChanged, MVVM, BindingContex ...
2018-08-22 03:45:46
Suggestions from hackathon: AlphaGo, AlphaZero, Montezuma, link to games, approaches other than Q-learning, etc.
2018-07-29 05:20:50
Suggestions from hackathon: combine multiple models, citations, holt winters, unit root test, multivariate analysis, reorder the questions, etc.
2018-07-29 05:20:09
Suggestions from hackathon: examples of Cambridge Analytica, Hathway; include sample NLTK code (give URL of source).
2018-07-29 05:11:34
Suggestions from hackathon: Performance of NN vs old approaches, details of what Alexa/Siri are using, current challenges of speech recognition, RTF can be a MathJax equation, Bell Labs logo doesn't add any value, etc.
2018-07-29 05:08:26
Suggest you move the quote to end of summary since it doesn't display well with image.
2018-07-27 16:36:57
Always do a Preview before saving so that you can correct formatting errors. You have embedded a YouTube video list, which is not supported. You can embed the particular video instead.
2018-07-24 12:32:15
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