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Actively involved in, which is an open community platform for developers by developers to explain technology in a simple, clear and unopinionated way.

Contributing part time in various projects including web application development, online education software, IoT and semantic web.

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    Publishing. Formatted text. Added See Also items. Add more tags.
    2018-07-17 09:52:09
    Minor corrections in Discussion.
    2018-07-05 10:09:37
    Added images and some questions.
    2018-07-05 10:01:48
    Added new questions and images. Updated old content. More references.
    2018-07-04 11:53:19
    Correction to citation in text.
    2018-07-03 08:25:10
    Add references the correct way. Unused refs temporarily moved to Further Reading.
    2018-07-02 11:39:40
    Content is completed along with a few images.
    2018-07-02 10:14:45
    Adding images.
    2018-07-01 10:09:23
    Initial version without images.
    2018-07-01 09:59:53
    Edit showing how to include refs/citations.
    2018-06-29 01:56:11
    New reference on MU-MIMO performance
    2018-06-23 04:18:10
    Corrected missing citation. Added note about MU-MIMO real-world performance.
    2018-06-22 09:00:20
    Added new questions and milestones. Improved Summary. Completed other sections. No code for now.
    2018-06-22 06:17:33
    Updated title. Added See Also items. Work in progress for other sections.
    2018-06-21 10:13:05
    Updated See Also items.
    2018-06-21 09:55:48
    Published. Added new questions. One question moved to another article. Formatting improved. Refs syntax improved.
    2018-06-21 09:49:25
    Illustrating how to add citations.
    2018-06-21 03:17:56
    Restored an image removed in previous edit
    2018-06-20 10:22:46
    Correction in milestone.
    2018-06-20 06:33:25
    Published. Discussion on verticals. Replaced an image with text. New image in milestone 2014. Formatting.
    2018-06-20 06:29:03
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