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Actively involved in Indian Engineering Design Forum (IEDF) with the aim of promoting entrepreneurship and innovation in India.

Actively involved in, which is an open community platform for developers by developers to explain technology in a simple, clear and unopinionated way.

Contributing part time in various projects including web application development, online education software, IoT and semantic web.

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    Updated references and cited them as guide the main author of this article.
    2018-04-18 08:17:44
    Adding a new item in Further Reading.
    2018-04-17 04:23:24
    Made key terms bold. Added reference for Browser Launch.
    2018-04-16 08:48:43
    Updated image caption in Summary.
    2018-04-16 08:29:06
    Replaced proxy diagram since attacker's browser is somewhat misleading.
    2018-04-16 08:14:01
    Add more tags.
    2018-04-16 07:51:26
    Completed References, See Also, Further Reading. Updated content with citations. Images without citations, replaced.
    2018-04-16 07:49:48
    Improved the writing style. Corrected referenes. Completed See Also, Further Reading. New image for boosting.
    2018-04-15 12:44:49
    Grammar correction in Milestones.
    2018-04-15 10:20:12
    Minor grammar corrections.
    2018-04-15 09:46:19
    Pubishing article. Corrected spelling/grammar. Multimodal point moved to histogram. Improved summary.
    2018-04-15 09:35:23
    Updated references/citations. Added grammar of graphics milestone. Completed See Also, Further Reading.
    2018-04-15 06:55:32
    Added milestones with two images.
    2018-04-14 11:56:27
    Updated summary. Used better image for AI, ML, DL.
    2018-04-14 04:49:46
    Adding content with images.
    2018-04-13 07:52:53
    Preemptively publishing article since link has been shared to public.
    2018-04-12 05:49:41
    Added info about Common Task Framework.
    2018-04-12 04:37:22
    Added pending questions. Put the questions in a suitable order.
    2018-04-08 17:00:52
    Adding milestones along with Stanford Cart image.
    2018-04-08 16:43:50
    Initial version. Content to be added.
    2018-04-08 06:00:11
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