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Actively involved in Indian Engineering Design Forum (IEDF) with the aim of promoting entrepreneurship and innovation in India.

Actively involved in Devopedia.org, which is an open community platform for developers by developers to explain technology in a simple, clear and unopinionated way.

Contributing part time in various projects including web application development, online education software, IoT and semantic web.

Recent Contributions

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    Added content with images.
    2018-01-16 03:50:04
    Added space between less-than symbol and "\\" string. Adjusted indentation in sample code.
    2018-01-06 14:53:31
    Initial version with only discussion questions.
    2018-01-05 09:31:03
    Added a simple article to Further Reading.
    2017-12-22 08:08:13
    Moved image to another question and changed its caption.
    2017-12-19 10:19:41
    Minor name edit.
    2017-12-16 10:40:13
    Added new image plus a quote.
    2017-12-16 10:38:20
    Add new item to Further Reading.
    2017-12-16 10:21:32
    Added tags. Title in plural form.
    2017-12-16 09:56:25
    Publishing article in advance. Content to be filled in by author @tintin or anyone else.
    2017-12-14 06:21:45
    Removing linked list code. It can be part of a separate page on linked list.
    2017-12-12 04:32:11
    Added content to article along with media upload.
    2017-12-04 14:54:40
    Publishing article. Earlier versions were unpublished.
    2017-11-07 03:11:21
    Added Summary text. Published article.
    2017-11-06 12:40:09
    Grammar fix
    2017-11-04 10:03:26
    Revised and reorganized content. Added citations for verifiability. Replaced one image.
    2017-11-01 09:50:00
    Deleted question "What hardware support is available for Wi-Fi security?" Can consider later as part of a separate page on Devopedia.
    2017-10-24 00:41:06
    WPA2 attack info added to Discussion
    2017-10-17 04:56:19
    Published article. Formatting changes. Changed the tags. Spelling correction.
    2017-07-09 14:36:53
    Publishing article. Improved some formatting. See Also section added. Summary to be written.
    2017-07-09 14:12:17
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