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Devopedia is an open community platform
for developers by developers
to explain technology in a
simple, clear and unopinionated way.


Technology is changing so fast that developers are having a hard time keeping up. When looking for quick bites of information or an introduction to any topic, there's a lack of quality resources. Books are too lengthy. Wikipedia can often be overwhelming with its attention to detail. It's design is also not user friendly for content editing. StackOverflow is designed to find solutions to specific problems and therefore fails as a learning platform. MOOC platforms require discipline and commitment from users. Devopedia was set up as a platform to solve these problems and to serve specifically the developer community.


Devopedia is a collaborative knowledge-sharing platform. Devopedia is focused on technologies that relate to development: architecture, design, coding, debugging, integration, testing, user interfaces, programming languages, tools, frameworks, and more. Content on Devopedia is crowdsourced and belongs to the community. No individual owns the content. Devopedia sports a friendly user interface. Every article includes a summary followed by a longer description. Articles are topically tagged to facilitate knowledge discovery and learning paths. Content is meant to be written in simple language with clear explanation. It's not our intent to be comprehensive, for which developers are encouraged to refer to other resources on the web. With each article, contextual external links will be available as references or recommended reading. The primary means of finding stuff on Devopedia is via a prominent search box that will be visible on all pages.

Devopedia is not a repository for sharing code. Devopedia is not a technical glossary. Devopedia is not a MOOC platform. Devopedia is not a blogging platform. Devopedia is not a directory. Devopedia is not an online discussion forum. Devopedia is not a social networking site.

Developer Stages
Figure 1: Where Devopedia is Relevant for Developers

As shown in Figure 1, a developer's journey may be seen as having four stages. While Devopedia has a role to play at all stages, it shines at the first stage when developers are looking for basic information and introduction to a technical topic. Devopedia therefore complements tools and web resources that fulfill other roles at later stages of a developer's journey.


Devopedia was started by a group of developers in Bangalore, India, under the leadership of Arvind Padmanabhan. The reach is global for the benefit of developers worldwide. The core group that manages Devopedia is composed of the founding members of Devopedia. It's responsible for maintaining the platform that powers Devopedia.org.


The idea for Devopedia occurred in December 2016. The platform was launched as Devopedia.org in January 2017. In December 2018, Devopedia Foundation was registered to oversee all operations and guide the future development of Devopedia.

Our mission is to enable and empower developers worldwide to share knowledge and collaborate in an open community that celebrates technology and people.

  1. Improve the understanding of technology by way of simple language and clear explanation.
  2. Commit to reasonable quality standards by way of peer reviews of content.
  3. Collaborate with others in the true spirit of knowledge sharing. Avoid falsification and vandalism.
  4. Give and welcome honest constructive criticism. Strive for improvement.
  5. Respect others. Avoid blame. Work towards consensus.
  6. Use and cite published sources. Avoid plagiarism. Rephrase content.
  7. Acknowledge contributions. Give credit to each contributor.
  8. Be free of bias, opinionated viewpoints and affiliations that can restrict our freedom.
  9. Allow fair participation of everyone without discrimination by race, religion, caste, nationality, sex, etc.
  10. Adopt open standards and formats for content creation and sharing.
All content on Devopedia except software code follows the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (CC BY-SA 4.0). Under this license, users are permitted to share and adapt the content, even commercially. Attribution implies that users must give credit, provide a link to the license and indicate changes. ShareAlike implies that users must use the same or compatible license when sharing derived content. A human-readable summary of the license is available from Creative Commons. The full license in legal language is also available from Creative Commons.

Software code published on Devopedia are licensed under MIT License. This is a permissive license that is short and to the point. It lets you do anything you want with the code as long as you provide attribution back to Devopedia and don't hold Devopedia liable.

Our Thanks

We thank third-party tools and technologies, and their creators, that have enabled Devopedia.


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For general enquiries, please write to webadmin@devopedia.org. For feature requests or suggestions on improving Devopedia, you may give your inputs at Devopedia's GitHub webapp issues page.