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    Rewards Program is an excellent opportunity for authors/technical experts to contribute to the growing corpus of Devopedia articles. Interested people can contribute articles on topics specified by Devopedia as part of this program and also get paid for the same.


    1. Create an account at
    2. After logging in, navigate to the Community Outreach page and visit Rewards Program tab.
    3. From the list of articles listed at the bottom of the page, click on any one article to express your interest to contribute to that topic. This topic gets assigned to you by Devopedia.
    4. Create the article and edit/update the article to add details about the technology. Follow the Author Guidelines available at
    5. Moderators will provide intermediate reviews for the article being updated.
    6. Continue editing the article till there are no warnings. Moderator will do a final edit and publish the article.
    7. Author will be asked to provide bank account details to which payment for the article will be transferred.


    The program is currently available only to those who have an Indian bank account and an Indian residential address.

    Conditions & Guidelines

    1. Contributors can work on only one article at a time.
    2. Article must be free of warnings before it is submitted.
    3. Articles are expected to be completed within 4 weeks of the topic being assigned to the author. At the moderator's discretion, a 2-week extension may be provided on author's request.
    4. Devopedia owns the right to edit the submitted article as required before publishing the content.

    Payment Details

    1. A minimum compensation of ₹1,000 will be made to authors who submit the completed article adhering to the process and guidelines. Devopedia at its discretion may compensate up to ₹2,000 for these articles depending on the quality of the article.
    2. Incomplete articles or articles not submitted in the provided timeframe will not be compensated.
    3. Payments will be done only via bank transfer to the account shared by the author.
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    Process Flow

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    • 5G UE Mobility
    • Cell Search in 5G NR
    • Integrated Access and Backhaul


    • Floyd-Warshall Algorithm
    • Lesk Algorithm
    • Viterbi Algorithm


    • Arduino Debugging
    • Arduino Interrupt Handling
    • Arduino Protothreading


    • CSS Architecture
    • CSS-in-JS
    • No-Class CSS Framework


    • Database Normalization
    • Distributed Database
    • Time Series Database


    • Continuous Delivery
    • DevOps Culture
    • DevSecOps


    • API Documentation
    • Docs as Code
    • Types of Documentation


    • Embedded Communication Protocols
    • Embedded Databases
    • Embedded Mobile Mocks


    • IoT Analytics
    • IoT Mesh Networking
    • Power Management for IoT Devices


    • JavaScript Prototypal Inheritance
    • Object-Oriented Programming in JavaScript
    • One-Way vs Two-Way Data Binding


    • Kubeflow
    • Kubernetes Scheduler
    • KubeVirt


    • Linux Process
    • Linux User Management
    • Security-Enhanced Linux

    Machine Learning

    • Dimensionality Reduction
    • Ensemble Learning
    • Gradient Descent

    Multi-Access Edge Computing

    • MEC Application
    • MEC Ecosystem
    • MEC Requirements

    Natural Language Processing

    • Coreference Resolution
    • Neural Information Retrieval
    • Neural Machine Translation


    • Non-IP Networking
    • Software-Defined Networking
    • Synchronous Optical Networking

    Neural Network

    • Distributed Training of Neural Networks
    • Open Neural Network Exchange
    • Time Delay Neural Network


    • QUIC Packet and Frame Formats
    • QUIC Security
    • QUIC Streams and Connections

    Raspberry Pi

    • Raspberry Pi Operating Systems
    • Raspberry Pi Performance
    • Raspberry Pi Peripherals


    • Security Chaos Engineering
    • System-on-Chip Security
    • Wi-Fi Protected Access

    Software Quality

    • Clean Code
    • Coding Guidelines
    • Static Code Analysis
  • Coming soon